Do you want to write over 1,000 lives in a year?

Are you tired of silly pitches from FMO reps who are, at best, failed planners that flunked out of personal production, or worse, who have never actually sold insurance? Are you sick and tired of cold calling strangers on the phone only to get hung up on, cussed out, or worse, because your script just doesn't work anymore? Are you going broke buying Internet leads that turn out to be uninsurable people, or just other insurance agents?

  • Do you want to earn more money in the lucrative Business Market and learn how to leverage your time for maximum productivity?
  • Do you want HR directors to send you lists of new hires that want to purchase Life Insurance, Disability Income Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Long Term Care Insurance from you?
  • Do you want to blow out the competition by offering clients exclusive discounts on insurance?
  • Do you want to have IRA Rollover prospects call you every day looking for your help?
  • Do you want to build up a substantial stream of renewal income?

If so, then Life Solutions can help!

Our Focus:  The Business Market

Life Solutions provides agents competitive product solutions in the following areas that serve business owners and their employees:

We offer our agents:

If you’re seeking to take your practice to the next level and you are looking for a competitive insurance solutions to your client’s problems, then call (800) 680-5596 today!


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